Oooh La La - Champagne Edition

The Ooh La La Edition is a true celebration of good times and good products.

 Perfectly paired, this is the ultimate night in with artisan products and tasting notes. You’re going to love it!

We founded The Deli Society sitting around a table of wine, cheese and charcuterie with our family. 

We were having such a good time and we thought we could use our many years of connections across different producers in the UK and Europe to bring those good times to other households.

This box is the epitome of that and we hope you love it

Josh & Harry


Wine Tasting

How to taste wine

Wine Tasting

How To Taste Wine


Georges Lacombe Grande Cuvee Brut NV Champagne


Georges Lacombe Estate

Cheese 1

Brie de Meaux

Cheese 2

Saint Marcellin

Cheese 3

Lincolnshire Poacher


Saucisson Sec with Truffle

Italian Trio


Colombian Dark Chocolate