Freestar x Simply Roasted - The Dry Jan Edition

Welcome to The Dry Jan Edition!

Say hello to our first-ever AF beer & cheese pairing.

And what better way to start than with fellow Londoners, Freestar.

2 lager’s will pair perfectly with the waterloo cheese. 2 IPA’s for your highmoor. A keens cheddar, what we like to refer to as a cheese board staple, pulls this all together pairing with both beers.


Topped off with our brand new Deli Society Organic Salame Ventricina, SImply Roasted’s triple-cooked crisps, perfectly seasoned to let the potatoes do the talking, thyme-infused honey and of course, crackers.

Who said Dry Jan was boring. Stick on the playlist below and enjoy.

We think you’re going to love this one.

Beer Producer


Beer 1

Freestar IPA

Cheese 1


Beer 2

Freestar Lager

Cheese 2

Waterloo Cheese

Cheese 3

Keens Cheddar


The Deli Society Salame Ventricina