Juliette Edition

It’s Christmaaaaaaaas!

Our favourite thing about Christmas here at Deli Soc HQ, is we can indulge in cheese and wine, basically as much as want, without judgement.

This months box is a real, curl up near the fireplace, cosy night in type vibe. Our red wine is dark and full of fruit and spice, whilst our cheeses will transport you to somewhere in the alps.

Thanks so much for being a member of The Deli Society. 2022 has a lot in store for us which I know you members are going to love. But for now, enjoy this months edition, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Josh & Harry

Wine Tasting

How to taste wine

Wine Tasting

How To Taste Wine


Chateau De Jau - Dandy


Chateau De Jau

Cheese 1

Meulle De Savoie

Cheese 2

Saint Marcellin

Cheese 3

Tomme de Montagne

Cheese 4



The Deli Society Saucisson Sec with Truffle


Orange Milk Chocolate