The July Edition

To existing members, it’s lovely to see you again and to the new, welcome!

It finally feels like summer and we’ve built this box of off-the-beaten-track wine, interesting farmhouse cheeses and craft charcuterie around that.

This month, we are diving into and celebrating some of our favourite producers and of course their tasty produce from Italy.

Based around a super exciting wine, these products are fresh and fit for the sunshine, so we hope you enjoy! (and that the sun stays out).

Whack the playlist on with the button below and let’s get going.

Wine Tasting

How to taste wine

Wine Tasting

How To Taste Wine


Perusini Pinot Grigio Ramato



Cheese 1


Cheese 2


Cheese 3

Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco


The Deli Society Italian Trio