Maya Edition

Hola members! Welcome to the Maya edition of The Deli Society subscription.

As we leave summer behind (sad faces) and autumn rolls in, we’ve decided this month is the perfect opportunity to take our first visit to Spain.

We have an unusual but, of course, delicious white Rioja paired perfectly with three Spanish cheeses ranging from very well known to I’ve literally never heard of that before. All equally as moreish!

The makers this month, are a really interesting bunch with some fantastic stories, which are all featured below.

Location: Spain

The weather is getting darker, colder and wetter by the day here. Let’s be honest, it’s been that way all summer really. So to create some real wanderlust and hopefully some inspiration for next summers travels, we’ve put together our insiders track to the Costa Brava. We can’t recommend this place enough!

So, stick on our playlist, plate up, pour up and let’s get travelling!

Josh & Harry



Akemi, Viura Blanco, Felix Jimenez, Rioja


Felix Jimenez

Cheese 1

Villarejo Manchego dop cured

Cheese 2

la retorta

Cheese 3

mahon dop menorcan semi cured


Sarta de chorizo iberico


cold brew dark with coffee

Travel Guide

Located in the coastal region of Catalonia, Costa Brava, or ‘rugged coast’, stretches 75 miles from the northeast of Barcelona to the French border. It’s the perfect location for sun, sea, beaches and amazing seafood, beer and wine.

Before officially being recognised as Costa Brava in the 1960s, other suggestions were thrown in the mix! It was nearly called Costa del Corall, translating to ‘Coral Coast’, as well as Costes de Llevant, meaning, ‘Levant Coasts’.

La Malcontenta: This 19th century, country mansion has taken care of everything, so you don’t have to. It sits over the Torre Mirona landscape which hosts some of Costa Brava’s most beautiful and unspoilt beaches.

Café Orient: Located in Palafrugell, this cosy spot sits in the town square, perfect for a Pan Con Tomate, OJ, Espresso and watching the world go by. (They also do a great cheese board if you’re feeling adventurous at breakfast).

Countryside Handmade Pottery: Drive down to the town of La Bisbal d’Emporda to immerse yourself with the locals and take part in a handmade pottery workshop. It’s the perfect way to take a break from eating and drinking yourself to the brim while experiencing cultural heritage and current day tradition in Costa Brava.

La Fabrica: Gironas first boutique café, expect unrivalled views, old cobblestone alleyways and the smell of fresh coffee beans.

Tragamar: Arrive early and ask for a table outside. Located on the beachfront, settle in for an all-day seafood and wine session while listening to the waves smashing against the rocks. Try out the Grilled octopus with kimchi, parmentier and Iberian veil.

Catch sunrise on the coastal path. Bring your walking shoes and a bottle of agua. Earn that cold beer.

Villa Mas: Located by the beachfront, this restaurant boasts a traditional villa-style setting (hence the name), with its terrace and sea views. The menu is created around seasonal, locally sourced products and hosts an extensive Catalonian and global wine list. We recommend the tuna tartare, followed by the Galician beef.

Alabriga Sea Club: Worth the drive to sip sangria overlooking the turquoise water and amazing views of S’Araro. Expect a tranquil playlist and a nice vibe.