Sarta de Chorizo Ibérico 200g

Free range and Nitrate/Nitrite Free

This chorizo comes from the famous and iconic Ibérico pigs. These pigs are certified free range and roam free across Le Dehesa in Spain foraging and gorging on acorns, which creates a nutty flavour in the meat.

Cured in the pure air of the nature reserve Sierra de Francia, Salamanca Spain without nitrates and then mixed with DOP Pimentón de La Vera. The result is a truly unique smoky, nutty flavour that can only be achieved with this Iberian breed.

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INGREDIENTS: Iberian Pork, Salt, Paprika D.O. “La Vera”, Garlic, Oregano, Prepared with 140g of Pork per 100g of product, Moisture is lost during the drying process, Filled into a natural Pork casing

About the Producer

Our partners in Spain are located in the Natural Park of Sierra de Francia, Salamanca. Its ecosystem was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and it’s hard to imagine a better place to produce the most iconic charcuterie in the world.

Together we place a special focus on environmental friendliness, ensuring that nothing we do damages the land around us, which in turn promotes animal welfare.

Our pigs are raised on a truly free-range system, free to graze the pastures (dehesas) where the oak trees create the perfect ecosystem by producing the acorns that the herd feed on.


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