Cropwell Bishop Stilton 200g


A traditional, hand-ladled Nottinghamshire Blue Stilton made with animal rennet. Smooth, creamy and open textured, the cheese is buttery and complex, with a slightly spicy long finish.

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Smooth, creamy with a spicy blue kick

Country + Region: England, Nottinghamshire
Milk Type: Cows
Pasteurised: Yes
Style Of Cheese: Blue
Vegetarian: No

Strength: Buttery - Super Tangy
Soft and Runny to hard and tough

Producer: Cropwell Bishop Creamery

After an absence of more than 30 years, Cropwell Bishop have re-introduce their very special hand-ladled Stilton made with animal rennet. Rich and creamy, but with a stronger blue finish.

Made by the Skailes family, Cropwell Bishop Stilton:

• Is made to a traditional recipe with animal rennet and is crucially hand-ladled. This a more artisan approach than that used to make their widely available standard cheese.
• Only accounts for 10-15% of Cropwell Bishop’s Stilton production.
• The recipe comes from the archive of their old Melton Mowbray North Road Creamery which closed in 1986.
• They only re-instated some production using this traditional recipe in 2010, in order to make the best Stilton available.
• Made by the current generation of the Skailes Family who have been making Stilton cheese for over 160 years.
• Interesting Fact: Mario, one of the staff who hand-ladles the curd has been with Cropwell for over 40 years and used to hand-ladle the curd at the old North Road Creamery.
• Tastes: Caramel, buttery and complex: a slight spice and long lingering notes.


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