St Marcellin – 80g


It’s soft, creamy and quite often spreadable. A french classic that in our opinion should be on every cheeseboard.

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Soft, Creamy and Spreadable!

Age: 1 month
Country + Region: France, Isère
Milk Type: Cow
Pasteurised: No
Style Of Cheese: Mold ripened
Vegetarian: No

Strength: Buttery - Super Tangy
Soft and Runny to hard and tough

Producer: Fromageries de l'Etoile du Vercors

Created in 1942 by Marius Berruyer, the Étoile du Vercors cheese dairy is located in the village of Saint Just de Claix in Isère.

It takes its name from its geographical location at the foot of the Vercors mountain range, which straddles the departments of Isère and Drôme. The cheese dairy specializes in the production and maturing of authentic Dauphiné cheeses, made with raw or thermised milk, conventional or organic, including the famous Saint-Marcellin IGP, Saint-Félicien and other unique specialties such as the Tentation de Saint-Felicien.

The old school manufacturing techniques still exist today: this is the case of molding with a ladle, salting or even turning by hand. This traditional know-how makes it possible to offer a complete range of cheeses with rich and diversified aromas, and always of excellent quality.

How it's made

The current production technique for Saint-Marcellin IGP Étoile du Vercors respects the IGP specifications, inspired by the farming methods of yesteryear.

The milk is collected from 46 IGP producers in Drôme and Isère. For Saint-Marcellin IGP with thermized milk, the milk is heated to awaken its natural flora, then inoculated between 18 and 25°C, so that the lactic bacteria develop there. A dose of rennet is added to obtain the curd, which will then be ladled by hand, in small molds called “faisselles”. Then comes the draining stage, which eliminates the whey, then salting with dry salt on both sides of the cheese. Finally, the cheese is matured in three stages for a minimum of 10 days


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