Grass Fed Beef Sirloin Steak – 285g


Gold medal winner of the Great British Butchers awards. Dry aged for at least 3 weeks this tender, grass fed sirloin steak has a nice marbling with a lovely line of fat along the side. Direct from the Winzer family, our farmers in Devon, straight to your door.

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100% grass fed British Beef sourced from Devon.

How will your product arrive: your item will be cut to its required size and individually vacuum packed. This will be packed in wool insulation with ice packs and sent on an overnight delivery service.

About the Farmer

We’ve partnerd with Richard Winzer and his family to bring you the highest quality, free range, grass fed beef. The Winzer family produce livestock on their family farm in Devon which are free to roam and truly cared for. This is the highest animal welfare beef and truly farm to your table.


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