Akarregi Txiki Blanco

This wine is as lively as its name would suggest with a gentle fizz and fruity, fragrant aromas. Bottled with its own pourer, to create some theatre just like the barmen in Basque Country.

Hondarrabi Zuri
Wine Type:

AKARREGI TXIKI Tradition reigns supreme in this family-run winery which keeps producing outstanding wines generation after generation. Situated on the picturesque slopes of Getaria, overlooking the sea, the Akarregi Txiki estate spotlights the Hondarrabi Zuri variety, a grape native to the local area. The vines are tended to year round to ensure productivity and grapes are picked by hand towards the end of September when the sugar and acidity of the grapes will be perfectly balanced. The historic farmhouse which sits at the heart of the winery represents the attention paid to conserving traditional methods. Despite this Akarregi Txiki does not shy away from progress and have incorporated more modern processes to enhance the quality of their product.

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