Cume Do Avia T-Reix

This quirky looking wine is a playful tribute to the Treixadura grape which is native to Galicia. In true Treixadura style this wine is spectacularly refreshing and very food friendly.


In 2005 Diego and Álvaro Colarte made the decision to turn their back on busy city life and return to their family village and an abandoned vineyard and so Cume Do Avia was born. The brothers also enlisted the help of their cousins and they got to work restoring the vineyard. They weren’t wine experts and had to learn as they went along but their passion for the land made up for this. They choose to focus on local grapes both the well-known and lesser-known varieties, each grown and fermented plot by plot. The Cume Do Avia story has not been without obstacles, having almost succumbed to the financial ruin in their early years, but perseverance paid off and they have now received international acclaim for their unique and expressive wines.

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