Ternario 1


Garnacha Tintorera grapes are the treasure of Almansa and only the finest lots are selected to go into this wine giving a beautifully smooth wine that is light but still full of character.

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Tasting notes of red fruits and flowers

ABV: 13%

Grape: Garnacha Tintorera

Country and Region: Spain, Almansa


Producer: Bodegas Venta la Vega

Sprawling the foothills of the Almansa mountains are Bodegas Venta la Vega’s 225 hectares of vineyards which constitute the largest single planting of the Garnacha Tintorera variety found in Europe.

The Ternario project is overseen by oenologist Raúl Perez whose expertise, along with the high quality of grape that can be achieved thanks to the optimal conditions of the environment makes for some really outstanding wines. For Bodegas Venta la Vega, the spotlight is really on the native variety and letting it grow ecologically, without chemicals or additives.

The name Ternario refers to a numbering system created by Bodegas Venta la Vega to number their wines. It is based on triangles and uses only 3 numbers, 0,1 and 2.


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