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The Deli Society first and foremost works exclusively with artisan and or family-owned businesses. We act on a partnership basis rather than a simple supplier buyer relationship. This means we work closely with producers to make sure product and pricing is right and that working together works for all parties. Quite often we work with our partners to help in any way we can add value, whether that be in better welfare methods or product development to bring to market the best products possible. When people join The Deli Society, they are directly supporting our partners, meaning they can focus on doing what they do best. Making great tasting product.

We work hard to make sure you can be proud to shop with The Deli Society when it comes to animal welfare. It is the first point of conversation we have with any new potential partner, even before trying product. Our current charcuterie range comprises of an organic Italian line from a producer that have won awards for their animal welfare schemes and a Spanish producer that only deals in completely free-range pigs. Our British meat is all completely grass fed and free range and our fish is all caught sustainably by local fisherman on small boats.

For our cheeses, we work with farmhouse and artisan producers that work on a small scale. This means they use smaller amounts of milk either from their own herd of cows or from a small amount of local suppliers.

You can read more about how each supplier on their own product pages.


We use recycled cardboard for our boxes and Sheepwool for insulation and we are working with all of our partners to reduce plastic consumption and our carbon footprint.

We have just started to work with Ecologi to boast a climate positive workforce.

For every employee, we plant 5 trees a month which is 2x their average carbon footprint.But we’re not stopping there. We are assessing our footprint and are committed to being a completely carbon positive very soon.

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