Delivering Perfectly Paired Wine & Cheese Nights To Your Home

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The Deli Society


For far too long wine snobs have intimidated us with silly jargon.

Shelves upon shelves of pre-packed mild cheddar have dominated our cheese board selections.

And lord only knows where our charcuterie has come from.

The Deli Society is on a mission to change this.

We send you off the beaten track wine, perfectly paired with farmhouse cheese and award-winning animal welfare, craft charcuterie

Our Story

Founded by 2 brothers brought up in a foodie household

We created The Deli Society to celebrate and learn about maverick, craft producers across Europe and the UK in a pretentious free, accessible environment.

With each expertly paired box we travel and discover unique wine, cheese and charcuterie.

Tasting notes and online content will teach members more about the products whilst we meet the makers along the journey.

It’s the perfect wine and cheese night in!

£40/box + free delivery!

How it works

Step 1.


Off the beaten track wine, paired with 3 farmhouse cheeses, our own high animal welfare charcuterie and more!

Step 2.

Customise your box

Choose your frequency, pause or cancel at any time. Don’t like blue or goats cheese? We’ll swap in an alternative. 

Step 3.


Delivered fresh to your door, you’ll also receive tasting notes and a QR code to meet the makers and much more!

What's in our boxes

Designed for 1-4 people, you can always expect:


1x off the beaten track wine sourced from artisanal producers.


3 to 4 farmhouse cheeses, perfectly paired with the vino. Approximately 400g. 


1x high animal welfare craft charcuterie.


1x 80g finest artisan chocolate. 

What's in our boxes

That’s not all…

£40/box + free delivery!