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The Deli Society is a direct to consumer, food and drink community. Let’s walk you through exactly what that means and how it works.


Wherever possible we work directly with our artisan and family-owned producers, building real relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.

Being a direct-to-consumer platform means we cut out distributor, broker and store costs that so often make brilliant products unaffordable in normal retail. This all means we can source great quality products, made in the right way and deliver them direct to you at fair value.

We reward loyalty

We have made The Deli Society a free membership. We think good food and drink should be enjoyed by all, hence there are no fees to our membership. But, we thought a membership was the best way to create a community of like-minded individuals. When you become a member, you’ll have access to entry level member pricing and a wider selection of products.

By shopping with us, recommending us to friends and engaging in the community by reviewing products, you will work your way up the levels. Each level will offer better pricing and access to more products.

A Fully personalized profile

Everybody loves a recommendation in food. Whether it’s your local butcher with what new cut they’ve got in, or a sommelier telling you what pairs best with your dinner choices. We’ve created Olive to replicate this on our platform.

Take our little quiz, and our clever tech will match our product range specifically to your taste buds. Each product on our site is carefully paired with other items so at every step of your journey, you’ll know what to add to your basket.

The Deli Society Community

Once you create a profile, you are officially a part of The Deli Society. We have always felt that what makes food so special is community and at the heart of that people. And now you are part of our foodie community. The community gets exclusive access to online content, chef interviews, recipes, in person tastings with makers, trips to our supplier partners, supplier clubs plus much more!

Our platform is designed to be much more than a transactional purchase. We want you to get to know our producers and engage with online content and in person events. That way there is direct feedback from consumer to producer, we are closer to the source of our food, and they can tweak and improve recipes and ways of doing things.

Why join The Deli Society?

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