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The Deli Society is the UK’s first online members club for foodies.
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What’s a member’s club for foodies?

By becoming a member, you are joining a community of people that share the same values. A community of people that love food.

By becoming a member you are supporting artisan and family-owned farmers, maverick wine makers and crazy FMCG founders.

And because of those things we want to say thank you! How do we do that? Access to food and drink exclusive to The Deli Society, member pricing, free rewards, in person events and much more!

Become a member today and join the foodie movement.

How it works


Take our quiz, create a profile and join our community for free. No members fee, no sign-up costs


Immediately gain exclusive access to 100s of hard-to-find products on our platform you cannot find elsewhere


Shop, review and recommend to start earning points. Points help you climb the member levels. At each level you’ll enjoy access to more products and get cheaper pricing.


Being a member means you are part of our community. You’ll get exclusive access to member only drops, limited edition batches, meet the maker events, supper clubs plus much more

Member level Pricing

By showing us and our producer’s loyalty, we reward you with better pricing. Take a look at our pricing vs a leading brand.

Leading Online Butchers Grass Fed Beef Ribeye (300g)



TDS Grass Fed Beef Ribeye (285g)

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Tech for the next generation of foodies

Next generation shoppers need a next generation experience.

Our proprietary tech acts as your personal sommelier, butchers, cheesemongers. Essentially, it is there to create an online farmers market experience where you get recommendations on what you’ll actually enjoy. And who doesn’t love a good food recommendation?

Take our little quiz, and our clever tech will match our product range specifically to your taste buds. Each product on our site is carefully paired with other items so at every step of your journey, you’ll know what to add to your basket.

The community

We are on a mission to build a community for the next generation of foodies.

Once you create a profile, you are officially a part of our community. We have always felt that what makes food so special is community and at the heart of that people.

The community gets exclusive access to member only drops, limited edition batches, meet the maker events, supper clubs plus much more!

Our platform is designed to be much more than a transactional purchase. We want you to get to know our producers and engage with online content and in person events. That way there is direct feedback from consumer to producer, we are closer to the source of our food, and they can tweak and improve recipes and ways of doing things.

A brand you can be proud to be a member of

By becoming a member of The Deli Society, you directly support small, artisan and family-owned producers. Real people avoiding shortcuts and making things the right way.

We work to strict and high animal welfare standards. From grass fed, free range fresh meat to organic charcuterie and farmhouse artisan cheese from Happy cows. Our produce is made with the highest respect for both the animals and our environment.

Everything you order from us, will be on a carbon neutral delivery, delivered in recycled cardboard and sustainable and eco-friendly wool insulation.

On top of this The Deli Society team have partnered with Ecologi to be a fully climate positive workforce. Check out all the trees we’ve planted and projects we’ve funded on our impact store here

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