Wagyu beef is some of the best beef in the world, coming from extraordinary breeds of cattle heavily marbled with fat. Grass-fed Wagyu steaks are renowned for their exceptional marbling and tenderness. 

Hailing from the esteemed Japanese Wagyu breed, grass-fed wagyu beef is a truly exquisite beef. The Deli Society range of grass-fed Wagyu beef offers a tasting experience like no other. The cattle graze nutrient rich pasture, which provides a beef that is robust and earthy. 

In this guide we'll break down the best cuts of Wagyu steak, so you'll know exactly which ones to pick out. 
Grass-Fed Wagyu Ribeye Steak
Wagyu Ribeye combines the characteristics of the Wagyu breed with the benefits of a grass-fed diet. Ribeye comes from the cow's beef rib, a primal cut located along the cow's ribs.

Grass-fed ribeye is renowned for its remarkable marbling that creates a buttery, rich texture. The marbling is the result of the unique genetics of the Wagyu cattle and the benefits of a grass-fed diet.

How to cook
Best grilled, pan seared, or using a sous vide method, ensuring that the cooking surface is well preheated.
Grass-Fed Wagyu Denver Steak
Wagyu Denver steaks are cut from the under blade muscle in the shoulder of the cattle. These cuts are often more intensely marbled, giving them a glorious and intense flavour profile. 

Grass fed Wagyu Denver steak is revered for its high marbling content, creating a melt-in-your-mouth experience. This marbling enhances the flavour while also contributing to the juiciness of the Wagyu Denver steak. 

How to cook
Allow the natural flavours of the Wagyu Steak to shine by keeping the seasoning and cooking simple. Some sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, cooked at a high temperature on a grill or pan to medium rare allows for the best taste and texture. 
Grass-Fed Wagyu Sirloin Steak
Wagyu Sirloin steak has delicate marbling and tenderness. It comes from the thin rim og fat that runs along the outside of the steak, providing lots of flavour. It's delicious, full of flavour and decadently tender.
Wagyu Sirloin is celebrated for its intricate marbling, where the fine veins of intramuscular fat weave through the meat. The marbling provides a velvety texture that can be described as buttery. 

How to Cook
To enhance the flavour complexity of the Wagyu Sirloin steak, keep the seasoning and cooking process simple. Some high quality sea salt and fresh cracked ground pepper accentuate the beef's rich taste without overpowering. From here simple grilling or pan searing will preserve the steak's juiciness, aim for medium rare doneness for the best texture. 
That concludes our guide on Grass-fed wagyu steaks and their different cuts. Grass-fed wagyu steaks has a natural, pure flavour with impressive marbling that makes it incredibly tender and flavourful. From this marbling that renders them unparalleled in tenderness to the mindful approach to farming these steaks redefine your culinary experience. 

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