Hot honey can be traced back to traditional Italian cuisine with the creation of a similar product known as “pepperoncini honey” that has been around for centuries. This is where you infuse honey with pepperoncini peppers, creating a perfectly sweet and spicy condiment. 

The origins beyond Italy haven’t been well documented but there has seemingly been a surge in popularity of hot honey around the world in recent years as it has become a trendy culinary condiment. Hot honey's popularity in the US has been traced to Mike Kurtz, whose inspiration goes back to 2003. Kurtz was studying abroad in Brazil when he visited a pizzeria that had chile pepper-infused honey on the tables. This honey simply combines the sweetness of honey with the kick of spicy red chillies to create the perfect add on to savoury and sweet dishes alike. When Kurtz returned to the states in 2004, he began to experiment with batches of hot honey for himself and friends. Six years later his hot honey made its first appearance in a professional kitchen, now it can be found all across the US and abroad. 

Our hot honey comes from Wilderbee kitchen, owned and operated by Dan Sheearman. Shearman created his unique hot honey after discovering the condiment in a New York pizza joint in 2014. Once he returned to London he created his own version for his food truck, making sure it was of the highest quality and made up of sustainably produced honey infused with fresh chillies. His unique formula is made from fiery scotch bonnet chillies and organic wildflower honey. In 2022 he launched his gochujang hot honey, made by infusing the sweet and spicy flavour flavour of hot honey with gochujang, a traditional fermented Korean chilli paste. 

If you’re a condiment lover, and even if you're not, this is the perfect topping to almost any dish or drink. 
The process of making hot honey is pretty simple and typically just involves combining honey with chilli peppers or chilli pepper-infused oil and allowing the flavours to slowly meld overtime. The heat level can differ depending on the type and quantity of the chilli peppers used, which are typically red pepper flakes, but can also use jalapeño and habanero.  
You really can use hot honey on most things but here are some of our favourites

Gotta bring it back to its origins. The sweet and spicy contrast mixed with the savoury elements of pizza makes for a truly delightful eating experience. Add this nice twist to your next slice. 

Really any kind of sandwich will do. Goes amazingly with a classic breakfast sandwich of the bacon egg and cheese variety to give you that extra kick to your morning. Additionally a nice deli sandwich with some classic meats and cheese with a little hot honey will elevate your lunching experience. Try with some of our Italian charcuterie and perhaps some fresh focaccia. 

Hot honey as the new barbecue sauce? Adding hot honey to your BBQ rubs adds that subtle but delightful kick. Can also add a nice drizzle on top of steak, ribs, or really 

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