Spanish Carabineros prawns are a type of prawn native to the deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea, usually found off the coast of Spain and Portugal. These prawns are notable for their exceptional and unique flavour, their vibrant red colour and their unusually large size. They’re named after the red uniform worn by the Spanish guard as Carabineros translates as ‘police’ in Spanish. 
Their deep red colour is one of the most unique things about them, and is where they get their name. The colour intensifies when cooked, giving them an incredibly striking visual appearance. They are larger in size than most prawns or shrimp, sometimes reaching a length of up to 25 centimetres (10 inches).  They possess a firm and meaty texture, similar to that of lobster, and they also offer a similar rich, sweet taste with a nice natural saltiness. They are often caught using small fishing boats and nets due to the fact that they reside in deep depths of the ocean. This makes the process of fishing them difficult and dangerous for fishermen, meaning their supply is typically limited and in high demand. 

The meat of these prawns resides predominantly in the tail, but their head and body should not be overlooked. With some Europeans considering the head in particular to be a delicacy. In Spain and Portugal these are typically salted and grilled. Keeping it simple allows for a full appreciation of the colour and the taste. Add some crusty toasted bread and a bottle of Picpoul de Pinet and you have a very special appetiser that’s sure to impress. 

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