Canning or tinning fish is essentially a method of seafood preservation that involves catching the fish at peak freshness, then canning it with oils, water, and spices. The fish has been processed then sealed in an airtight container and heated for sterilisation. 
The practice of preserving fish dates back to the early 19th century. It began as a means to feed sailors on long sea voyages. The beginnings can be traced back to a man named Nicola Appert, considered “the father of canning”. He discovered the technique of preserving food in airtight containers in 1809. He canned all kinds of goods such as meat, fruits, dairy and vegetables, and of course fish while preserving the flavours of the foods. Other countries such as Spain and Portugal followed the trend and started tinning their own seafood, a delicacy Portugal would eventually dominate. 

Our tinned fish come from three different producers in Portugal and Spain called Pinhais, Nuri and El Caprichio. Pinhais is a family business that has been running for over 100 years. Nuri and Pinhais follow the traditional artisanal methods of sardine and mackerel production that it’s adhered to since its founding. The number of steps they take in their production is triple the amount of a typical supermarket brand. The complexity they put into the process is what the company attributes to their high quality and flavour. The fish is tinned just hours after it’s caught and all the additional ingredients are hand poured and sliced. The best locally sourced olive oil and tomato sauces are added to the mackerel and sardines. 
El Capricho is a family run company located in Santoña, a traditional fishing village with a rich history, known as the birthplace of the canned anchovy. Their tinned anchovies and white tuna come from the Cantabrian Sea and are fished from March to June and processed by hand every step of the way. Their anchovies are salted the same day they’re fished out of the water. The production process of these is highly traditional and relies on the hand-crafted experience of skilled workers. The anchovies possess the characteristic reddish colour, flavour and meaty delicious texture. Their white tuna is similarly tender with a nice mild flavour. 

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