So you hear words like free-range and grass-fed tacked onto meat labels and you assume they’re the better option so you may or may not choose it over regular beef. We’re here to tell you of the benefits of our line of grass-fed free-range and once you know the benefits to health, animal welfare and flavour you’ll never turn back. 

Grass-fed free-range beef is from cattle that have been raised on pasture with lots of space to graze and forage. Conventionally raised beef, on the other hand, means the cattle are often on grain-based diets and not given roaming freedom. The cattle forage for their own food and lead a much healthier lifestyle and natural diet that is a contributing factor to the unique characteristics of this beef. 

The way in which the cattle are raised and treated contribute to the flavour and the tenderness of the cuts. This is a noticeable benefit with grass-fed free-range beef where it will tend to be richer, with a more earthy natural taste that reflects the natural diet of the animals. Grass-fed is additionally more tender due to the cattle being more active, which makes for a leaner meat with a finer texture. 

Not only does it taste delicious, but there are also added health benefits to eating grass-fed beef. Generally the fat content is lower making it an overall leaner protein source. It is also richer in essential nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A and E and antioxidants.

Finally this method of farming is sustainable, environmentally conscious and supports proper animal welfare. Choosing grass-fed beef supports ethical farming practices allowing the animals freedom to roam and caring for their overall well-being. It is more environmentally friendly as it requires less energy and resources compared to grain based feeding methods. 
All of our 100% free range and outdoor reared meat is from a family-run farm in South Devon. Here, cows roam free and eat a natural diet of of grass and anything else they can get their mouths on! 

The Winzer family produce all of our livestock on their family farm in Devon. Like most family businesses, they had a humble beginning, starting out in one of the original farm buildings at Rake Farm, Loddiswell some 40 years ago. The late Alan Winzer had butchered and sold their own livestock for home use before moving to providing meat to the catering trade. Alan passed the business to Richard and Susie Winzer, who worked hard to build the well-established, award winning business that it is today. 
The business has been passed down for generations and Alan's grandchildren have now taken the reins. 
Starting with the ribeye and sirloin steaks, two classics and some of the best cuts of steak, ribeye is always due to be a crowd pleaser. The marbling provides it with a rich flavour and just the right amount of fat and a juicy tenderness that melts in your mouth. It is one of the best and easiest meats for the grill. We recommend keeping it simple with some salt, pepper and olive oil. You can really experience the prime quality of this beef. 
Speaking of steaks, if you really want to impress your guests we’ve got a TDS grass-fed tomahawk for 2 calling your name. This is a next level steak that is technically a very large ribeye and can come boneless or bone in. Ours is bone in as the bone adds flavour and moisture to the meat and makes for an impressive centrepiece to your barbecue. It boasts an impressive size and supreme quality and grilling it rewards the cook and the guests. 

Next, another crowd favourite is sausages, especially if you can find hot dog buns to accompany. This classic summer meal is probably the easiest grilling meal and is incredibly difficult to mess up. Our high quality sausages will suit your grilling needs perfectly. They are full of meaty flavour using natural skins and only the best quality pork. Serve with some fresh buns and honey mustard for the ultimate summer meal. 
Nothing says backyard barbecue like some freshly grilled burgers. The burgers are already shaped for the barbecue so all you have to do is the grilling. This grass-fed free-range beef tastes noticeably better than your run of the mill ground beef. 
Finally, nothing is better than the mouthwatering flavour of barbequed lamb. This is a very diverse meat option when it comes to barbequing and perfect for a more mediterranean style barbecue. Mixed with a tangy yoghurt-based sauce with some fresh herbs you're looking at a lovely outdoor dining experience.

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