The perfect foodie gift to say congratulations. New job? Passed an exam? Graduated? Just married? Whatever the occasion, spread some cheesy love with this special bundle.  *Some products may vary due to artisan supply.
Michel Marcoult Champagne
Tasting & Pairing 
This is is a true traditional champagne produced in the Champagne region of France. Perfect for any celebration. It’s dry with notes of savoury brioche and, well, it’s just really really nice champagne from an independent winemaker at a great price.

Meet the Maker – Michel Marcoult
The family business was created in 1967 by Michel Marcoult who lovingly passed the baton and all his wine-making knowledge on to his son Francis. As the estate continues to respect tradition it also develops and cultivates wines of the highest calibre, earning numerous awards in the process. Fortunate to work with three contrasting terroirs of Champagne; the Sezannaris, the Bars coast and the Vitryat coast, and maximising this diversity to bring out the best in each of the estate's vintages. Julien, rooted in his terroir, is the third generation of winemakers in the Marcoult family. Florence, trained in hospitality and adopted from the Champagne region, has a particular appetite for everything related to Gastronomy and Wines.
Black Bomber + Beechwood
Tasting & Pairing 
The multi-award winning Black Bomber is a modern classic. Marrying a deliciously rich flavour with a smooth creaminess. It lingers on the palate and remains demandingly moreish. The long, savoury finish of this cheese pairs nicely with a robust, full-bodied red wine with dark fruit flavours such as a Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Beechwood is their modern classic with a twist, a mature cheddar naturally smoked over beechwood chips. Its sweet, smoky notes give our naturally smoked beechwood cheese mellow depth and warmth. This cheese has received a Great Taste Award as well as a gold award at the Royal Welsh show. Perfect for your next cheese board selection!

Meet the Maker
Snowdonia Cheese Company is a family business founded in North Wales in 2001. They began by using fresh ingredients to craft their natural premium Cheddar and Red Leicester cheeses. They married an extraordinary depth of flavour with a remarkable creaminess. They continue their focus today on the finest fresh and natural ingredients and dedicate themselves to ensuring the highest levels of product quality. 
Organic Fennel and Ventricina Salami
Our very own organic fennel and ventricina salamis. 100% organic, high animal welfare charcuterie. These charcuterie make an excellent addition to your next cheese board, on deli sandwiches and on their own. 

Meet the Maker – The Deli Society Partners
The Deli Society partners with artisan producers that put animal welfare first. Produced in partnership with a fourth-generation family-owned business. This delectable bio-organic fine cut salami is made with fennel seeds, dry cured and fully matured. This organic fennel salami is the tasty result of a completely bio-owned supply chain, which allows us to see and know why this salami tastes so good! 
Pancracio Chocolate Nibs and Almonds
Pancracio dark chocolate with nibs is 64% dark chocolate and includes crunchy caramelised nibs (think chocolate caramel) and Fleur de Sel. The nibs add the perfect crunch to the rich and creamy texture of the chocolate. Top all that off with a light touch of salt to harmonise all the flavours. 

The chocolate almonds are a decadent treat. Caramelized marcona almond covered with either 38% cocoa milk chocolate or 64% cocoa dark chocolate. Sprinkled with special cocoa powder to further enhance the rich flavours. 

Meet the Maker – Pancracio 
Pancracio is a Spanish artisan luxury chocolate company originating in Cadiz, Spain. Founded in 2003 by Pedro Alvarez who had a dream of making chocolate of the highest quality. Alvarez has an unmistakable passion for good taste and a keen eye for the aesthetics which can be admired in the brand's beautiful packaging. One of their main goals has always been to create original products with personality, simplicity and elegance. Alvarez was inspired to start a chocolate brand because his grandmother would make him and his siblings bread with chocolate. He called the company ‘Pancracio’, as the name alludes to something vintage, traditional and elegant. He wanted the brand to carry a retro image while at the same time evoking something clean and modern.
The Deli Society Picante Olives
Tasting & Pairing 
These large green gordal olives are an absolute classic and are so versatile. Gordal means the ‘Fat One’ in Spanish which this olive was named for its juiciness and larger than typical olive size. Crunchy and firm in texture with Guindilla chillis and packed in a spicy brine. Made in the home of Spanish olives, Seville. 

These olives pair nicely with just about any Spanish or non Spanish food. They’re ideal for filling or eating alongside some manchego cheese and Spanish charcuterie. 

Meet the Maker – AGolives
We’ve partnered with a genuine friend to bring you these truly one of a kind Gordal Picante olives. The Escalante family are experts in olives and care deeply about the quality of olives they grow and how they make their farms as sustainable as possible. 

Agolives production model reduces intermediaries, buying the product dueing the harvest from selected farmers. Their workers bring their knowledge and dedication every day to produce the very best table olives.
Magdeleine and Joseph Strawberry Jam
Tasting & Pairing 
This organic Strawberry jam is the perfect French jam. Bursting with fresh summer fruit. It's organic, free of any nasties, and supports a great cause. Their jams are very artisanal, good for both the taste buds and your mouth. Pair this with any number of cheeses or with sweet breakfasts like scones and clotted cream.

Meet the Maker  – Magdeleine and Joseph
Magdeleine and Joseph is a deliciously committed brand that makes beautiful jams with a beautiful story. They emply sixteen jam makers with disabilities to cook up original organic recipes with no additives. The result: jams concocted with love!

The ESAT Les Ateliers Saint-Joseph de Mérignac (33) was created in 1930 by Magdeleine de Vimont. For nearly 100 years, it has ensured the professional and social development of the 90 people with disabilities it welcomes. The Magdeleine & Joseph range was born in 2017. Today, surrounded by their monitors, 16 workers take turns in the cauldrons, 8 in logistics and 4 in the sales department.

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