A bundle your gut (and brain!) will thank you for. Handmade Kimchi & Award-Winning Kombucha, oh what a pairing. Includes 3x Kimchis (Original, Beetroot & Rainbow) + 3x Kombuchas (Original, Turmeric & Fresh Mint).
Boo Chi Kombucha 
Tasting & Pairing 

Boo Chi – Original 
The original concoction, this kombucha is the perfect balance between sweet and sour. You’ll get a nice taste of apples, making it the perfect refreshing, gut healthy drink. If you want to enjoy this at cocktail hour add some vodka, a squeeze of lime and some fresh berries.

Boo Chi – Fresh Mint 
This is a calming and soothing fresh herb kombucha. The herb flavours cut through the acidity of the kombucha to give it a slightly sweet, bright, and extremely refreshing taste. Perfect on its own, or can be used to make a healthier mojito by adding white rum, the juice of 1 lime and a handful of mint leaves. 

Boo Chi – Tumeric 
This one has a bit of a kick. Infused with the powerful taste of turmeric, rich in flavour and bursting with antioxidants. You’ll also get mildly underlying flavours od ginger, orange, and a touch of black pepper to activate all your senses. Add an extra kick with 50ml of gin and sliced orange and ginger to garnish. 
Meet the Maker 
Boo Chi was started 2018 Eaoife Forward after coming back from a restorative trip to Sri Lanka. While there she was introduced to kombucha, a drink she discovered to be mentally and physcially energising. When she looked into the science behind this she learnt there was a physiological link between gut health, and a healthy mind and body. She began making kombucha in Devon, producing a range of six flavours made with all natural ingredients. 

All of their products are 100% vegan and organic. They hand bottle all of their kombucha in fully recycled amber glass bottles to maintain the integrity of the good bacteria and yeast. 
Kimchi & Radish 
Tasting & Pairing 
Kimchi & Radish – Beetroot 
The Beetroot Kimchi swaps typical heat for the more earthy, bold flavour of beetroot. A tangy, savoury, sweet delight that is vegan and as will all the Kimchi & Radish kimchis, is brimming with raw, probiotic goodness. Consisting of Beetroot, sweet peppers, carrot, grated apple and pear, fresh garlic and ginger, and cornish sea salt. 

Kimchi & Radish – Rainbow
The Rainbow Kimchi is the Kimchi&Radish take on white kimchi. It is a festival of flavours and lovely bright colours. Made up of cabbage, radish, sweet pepper (red, yellow, green, orange), carrot, fresh pear, garlic and giner, and salt. Taking away the traditional heat of the chilli, this allows your palate to explore the tangy, sweet and savoury profile. Accented with ginger and garlic, its visually appealing array of colours is a feast for the senses. 

Kimchi & Radish – Original 
This is a vegan version of the Kimch&Radish traditional kimchi. It includes all the vibrant taste and gut healing benefits of the OG, while being entirely plant friendly. This is ideal for kimchi fried rice, a kimchi grilled cheese, noodles, and many more. It’s ingredients include cabbage, radish, Daikon, spring onion, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, korean chilli flakes and sea salt. 
Meet the Maker - Kimchi & Radish 
The head chef behind Kimchi & Radish is Jihyun Kim, better known to friends and work colleagues as Kimmy. Originally from South Korea, she’s been a resident of the UK for over 10 years. A qualified Korean chef with many years experience in teaching Korean cuisine, she studied Cordon Bleu, French cuisine at Tante Marie Culinary Academy, where she fell in love with the UK and decided to settle.

She has always been disappointed in the availability and quality of Kimchi in the UK. She finally decided to start producing it herself, and founded Kimchi & Radish in January 2018.

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