What is Orange Wine?
Orange wine has a strong and distinctive taste and can be paired with many different foods. We’d recommend pairing with robust foods to align with the taste such as lamb, grilled octopus, hard cheeses, and salmon.  

These two wines owe their unique orange colour to the fact that the grapes were left in contact with their skins during the fermentation process. They both have bold flavours and come from two incredibly interesting wine makers.
Phinca Hapa Blanco (Skin Contact) 
This is a classic orange wine with distinct smoky flavours and hints of orange peel, tropical fruit, and ripe apricot notes. It has a creamy, textured body that comes from the extended grape skin contact. 

This wine is a blend of Viura with some Garnish and Malvasia Riojana. The destemmed grapes are fermented with their skins on in a 2,000 litre concrete vat for two months. The wine has a delightful texture with a lovely amber colour and a unique nose with notes of balsam, quince, peach and honey. 

Struggling Vines 
Originally from Hawaii, Melanie Hickman fell in love with Riojan winemaker David Sampedro. She moved from the US to Elvillar in Rioja, Spain and purchased her own  vineyard plots with David and  started Struggling Vines natural winemaking project. The husband and wife team now work tirelessly to produce these unique wines!
Perusini Pinot Grigio Ramato 
This Pinot Grigio orange wine possesses a lovely strawberry and tropical fruit aroma. The “ramato” in the name is referring to the orangey pinkish hue that the wine develops by being made with skin contact. 

It is the perfect Orange for Rosé and White drinkers and stands out among regular Pinot Grigio's. The grapes used in the wine undergo a five-day frozen maceration to extract as much flavour from the grapes without any chemical additives. This is an organic wine produced using organic farming practices, meaning no fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides used in the vineyard.

Perusini wine is produced by the Perusini family. They are a winemaking family based in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, a high quality wine making region in Northeastern Italy. The family is committed to organic farming and sustainable winemaking practices.

Their vineyard is right next to the Slovenian border of Italy and close to where Italy meets Germany, bringing a unique quality to their wines. They have worked for three generations to refine this, and their hard work can be felt in their exceptional wines. 

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