Our 100% free-range, grass fed tomahawk (800g) is cut from the rib with a bone left in to develop further flavour. We’ve paired it perfectly with a wonderful Fontaine Du Clos Côtes du Rhône. 

This tomahawk has been dry aged for a minimum of 28 days to maximise the taste, making it a real show stopper of a steak. The bone releases its flavours during cooking to make it wonderfully rich in taste. The tomahawk has been perfectly paired with Domaine Maby, Côtes du Rhône as it’s a lighter red that complements the bolder flavours of the steak. The wine offers notes of juicy cherry, blackcurrant, white pepper and chocolate. 
Rake farm
Our 100% free-range outdoor reared meat comes directly from a family-run farm in South Devon. Their cows roam free and eat a natural diet of grass and anything else they can get their mouths on. Free-range is healthier, and ethically and sustainably superior. 

The Winzer Family produce livestock on their family farm in Devon. They had humble beginnings, starting out in one of the original farm buildings at Rake Farm some 40 years ago. The late Alan Winzer butchered and sold his own livestock for home use before moving to providing meat to the catering trade. Alan passed the business down to Richard and Suzie Winzer, who worked hard to build the well established, award-winning business that it is today. 
Domaine Maby
After World War II, Domaine Maby was officially launched by Armand Maby who developed a modern, functional winery, acquiring new plots of vines. In 1946, the first bottles with the 'Domaine Maby' label were produced. In the 1960s, Armand was joined by his son Roger and his sons-in-law. In 2005 Rogers son joined the then expansive winery, he brought new energy to the estate and a modern style to his wines.

Engaged in sustainable winemaking, Domaine Maby favours natural vineyard maintenance techniques. Use of plant care products is limited to a minimum. Vineyard work is fully manual. From pruning to de-budding, from green harvesting to grape-picking, the human touch brings out the very best of the terroir. The fully manual harvesting campaign starts when the berries have reached optimal maturity. Plot by plot, grapes are picked in the early morning hours to ensure optimal preservation of their full aromatic potential. The harvest brings the work of an entire year to a close, and marks the beginning of a new phase, both in the vineyard with pruning, and in the winery with vinification and maturing.

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