We've partnered with a genuine friend to make our Gordal Picante olives. The Escalante family are experts in olives and care deeply about the quality of olives they grow and how they make their farms as sustainable as possible. They're leaders in both of those fields.

Agolives are aware of their responsibility as economic and local development agents, maintaining their prestige through local employment. Their production model reduces intermediaries, buying the product during the harvest from selected farmers. Their workers bring their knowledge and dedication every day to produce the best table olives. 

Our Gordal Picante Olives: Large green Gordal olives are an absolute classic. A staple. Crunchy and firm in texture, mixed with Guindilla chillies and packed in a spicy brine. Made in the home of Spanish olives, Seville. Gordal in Spanish translates to the ‘Fat One’, as the Gordal olive is appreciated for its large size, fleshy texture and intense flavour. They’re ideal for filling or eating alongside some manchego cheese and Spanish charcuterie.

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