This superb estate is based in the hills close to the town of Doglaini. Anna Maria herself is a lovely lady whose charm and passion is reflected in her wines. The estate dates back to 1936 when her grandfather, Angelo, established their first vineyard called Maioli. 

In the 1960s, their property was enlarged when Anna Maria's father Giuseppe came into the business. The wines however were not produced on the estate, rather the grapes were sent to a local cooperative to be vinified. This all changed in 1989 when Anna Maria and her husband came into the business. Since 1995 Anna Maria has been the owner of the farm. 
Their goal is to make wine in a diligent way that is attentive to tradition and authenticity. Anna Maria has followed in the winemaking steps set out by her family while also bringing in new technologies. These have modernized the vineyard and the way they make their wines, but has not changed the character and identity of these traditional wines. The white soil and good exposure gives them a good body and longevity. The altitude ensures intense aromas and freshness on the palate. 

Their production philosophy focuses on wines with a strong personality and specific identity. The choice of white limestone soils and altitudes above 500 metres are in function of wines with good freshness and drinkability. 

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