In 1954, a group of 50 wine producers founded a cooperative society called Antica Contea di Castelvero. The aim of the society was to valorise its associates' work, to share experience, machinery, manpower and ideas in an area where wine production was considered to be a depressed and scarce activity. 

The cooperative society built one of the most impressive barrel ageing cellars in Piedmont, with a capacity of 15,000 hectolitres of wine. The number of bottles produced began to increase and the cooperative society grew more and more solid. 

Oenologists Claudio Manera and Lella Burdese joined the team and in 1991 Manera because the new general manager. More resources were added to the vineyards. Since then the group continues to expand. The group took over the Battistina, a wineproducing sweet spot in the Gavi area. It is 26 hectares cultivated exclusively with Cortese vines for the production of Gavi wine, a product that has been widely acclaimed and appreciated on international markets. 

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