From a longstanding family bakery in the Derbyshire Peak District. They started over 100 years ago, and the way they make biscuits has barely changed. Using the same bronze rollers and biscuit molding methods that they have been for decades.  
Everything they bake is made by real people, sifting and weighing their ingredients by hand. They test their mix according to consistency, bake the biscuits until they smell just right, and have someone checking each one by eye. Their most cherished tools have been used by the company for over 80 years and are used every day. 

The butter used in their biscuits is churned in England, and the flour is milled without additives. Artisan Biscuits want the finest flavours for their baking and do this by ensuring they only use butter, non-hydrogenated or extra virgin oils. They never use artificial additives or preservatives. 

They check all their biscuits are intact before they enter the oven, and their team check each one before they make it into their foil wrapper. By the time the biscuits reach the customer they will be checked and given a thumbs up by 20 different bakery staff. 

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