Since 1800 the Cavalieri Family has been committed to the growing of wheat in purposely chosen fields in the heart of Apulia. In 1872 Andrea Cavalieri started his commercial enterprise with the best durum wheat. 

With his fathers expertise and experience in durum wheat cultivation and milling, Benedetto Cavalieri took over the Mill and Pasta factory in 1918. He planned with the clear intent to produce First Choice Pasta with the fine and selected durum wheat from the sunny hills of Apulia. From that day their motto has been “First Choice Pasta with Name and Surname”. 

In the 1950s Benedetto handed the reigns of the company over to his son Andrea who gives the firm a managerial structuring and transmits the family keenness for pasta to the present owner, his son, Benedetto. 

Benedetto has been running the firm for over thirty years now, his son Andrea entered the firm in 2007  and together with his father is bring on the family tradition with enthusiasm. 
Since their founding Benedetto Cavalieri has aimed at innovation and quality using up to date machinery for kneading, pressing and drawing. To prevent the drying of the pasta in the streets, a customary practice at the beginning stages of the business, Benedetto introduced a new system called "Metodo Cirillo", which involved the drying of pasta in special rooms. 

Benedetto Cabalieri pasta is now widely known for the rigorous selection of Italian durum wheats. These grow in purposely chosen fields on the hills of Apulia and Basilicata in the South of Italy. The durum wheat is cultivated without the typical massive use of chemical fertilizers. 

The processing method is called 'delicate' with long kneading, slow pressing, drawing and drying at a low temperature permit to preserve the nutritional values of the durum wheat. This is preserves the taste and typical flavour and secures a completely natural consistency. 

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