This family of winegrowers has been in Rioja Alavesa for generations. They have always believed in the quality offered by the old vineyard, which is why the family has taken care of it so well to this day. All their vineyards are located in Elvillar and Laguardia, one of the best places for the production of the highest quality wines. 

Since 2013 Ainhoa and Jaione have been helping their parents with the same enthusiam towards making quality wines. They strive to make wines that the world can enjoy as much as they enjoy making them. 
They produce the Reserva and Gran Reserva wines that are sold on our website. The fermentation and agings of the wines vary, but they are all bold and elegant.  

The Manoso is deep ruby in colour and with aromas of black and red forest fruits and subtle vanilla. These marry on the palette with subtle cocoa and black pepper spice. 

The Manoso range is produced with sustainable and reasoned viticulture and a long tradition in the care of their vineyards produce elegant and structured wines. They take great care with eat bottle of wine and the many aspects that go into it. Once in the cellar the wines are living beings, changing constantly. There is great care taken and it produces the best quality wines. 

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