Picture this, an Erasmus student with very little to do. Hungover from another night filled with terrible broken Spanish, Amelia found herself hungry + lazy. Next thing you know, she's eating creamy heirloom butter beans straight out of a jar. Amelia remembers closing her eyes to properly immerse herself in that moment, it was the taste of natural, creamy sumptuousness. It was the taste of a BOLDLY BRILLIANT bean.

After three years of working in the food sustainability space with top London chefs, a little legume appreciation turned into a full on obsession. Amelia wasn't just inspired by restaurants using high quality beans creatively, but also learned from those around her in food sustainability, Amelia realised that BEANS WILL CHANGE THE WORLD, someone just needs to start spreading the gospel.

How to convert a bunch of Brits to a bunch of #Beanchamps? Give them the BEST beans on the planet. 

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