Started in 2018 by Eaoife Forward after a restorative trip to Sri Lanka, Boo Chi's commitment to traditional methods, sustainable practices and organic ingredients sets it apart from the competition. Based in Devon, Eoife and team produce a range of six sophisticated flavours made with all natural ingredients. Having won 2 stars from Great Taste for their fresh mint kombucha we feel lucky to be partnered with such a great brand!

Boo Chi's kombucha is live, organic, non-carbonated, and packed with naturally occurring active ingredients that convert into beneficial probiotics, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and organic acids. Basically all the things that your gut craves and will thank you for! The company prides itself on creating these gut-loving drinks that make you feel physically and mentally amazing. Boo Chi uses fresh herbs and natural organic spices to flavour its kombucha, ensuring less sugar and an extra layer of goodness. 

The company's products are vegan and 100% organic, certified by the Soil Association Organic Certification for establishment and product. Boo Chi hand bottles its kombucha in fully recycled amber glass bottles to maintain the integrity of the good bacteria and yeast, and also uses fully recyclable packaging materials. 

Boo Chi is the premium kombucha currently available in the UK and we are confident it is of the highest quality, being brewed with love and care. It is truly delicious and leaves you feeling lighter, brighter and more balanced in mind and body.

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