For Laura and Delia producing wine is a tradition that was passed on to them that they have continued with great success. Winemaking has always been an important economic resource for their land, and they took over from their father in the management of the wine company he inherited from his father. This family heritage provided them with the passion and support they needed to start their own personal project on the land that they've known their whole lives. 

They considered it important to train themselves in order to meet the demands and expectations of the Italian and foreign markets. They learned to work of the winemaker, because for them their is no theory without practice. 

The history of their land starts in 1943 when their grandparents bought a plot of land that was reclaimed and cultivated with vineyards. Since their father was a child he helped on the vineyard, when he grew up he took over the management of the land. 

At the end of the 90s the vineyard was uprooted, then between 2001 and 2003 it was replanted with a more innovative and modern approach. Production under the sister's brand began in 2013, marking the transition from the production of bulk to bottled wine. 
The vineyards are located in the hills of Northwest Sardinia, overlooking the island of Asinara. The wines gain a distinct flavour from the a strong, cold wind known as the mistral that blows from the coast and possesses a rich saltiness. Additionally, the winds allow them to pursue sustainability objectives as the mistral dries rain and humidity from the leaves and fruit faster, thus reducing the growth of fungi that are harmful to the vine. 

The soil is clayey limestone and the vines are grown without irrigation. The plants have met their water needs in a natural way, even during dry periods. The vineyard land was occupied by the sea in ancient times and this likely contributes to the rich environment, as well as the numerous fossils that are found on the land.

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