Casina Rossa is committed to producing high-quality, fresh local produce. 

Don Antonio was a farmer in the 1960s, as well as a passionate cook who used his produce to conjure delicious creations for his family. He has a love for his family and  traditional Italian cuisine, and has always developed new ideas on how how vegetables can be preserved while still tasting great. 

Donna Antonio started marketing the products made by Don among their friends and family at weekly markets in Roccascalegna and Chieti, and in local shops. Soon everyone in the area came to know about the De Laurentiis families products. 

Don's son Nicola took over the family business in 1999, and continues his fathers tradition with his wife Paola and their two children Marco and Andrea. They have developed new ways to improve and increase their product production. 
The production takes place in a small Italian commune in the province of Chieti, part of the Abruzzo region. Perched on a scenic rocky outcrop overlooking the valley, it offers a stunning view of the surrounding area. The location is famous for its impressive medieval castle. A few minutes away, outside the village is the Castina Rossa farm. 
All the Don Antonio sauces are prepared according to traditional recipes and time-tested methods. They pride themselves on the creativity, passion and instinct that goes into cultivating, refining and processing the raw ingredients by hand. 

They have extensive experience in growing, cultivating, and processing their tomatoes. Through proper cultivation, care and harvesting at the right time they get the perfect amount of sweetness in their sauces. The tomatoes used are harvested by hand every day before being carefully processed. 

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