The Château de Jau estate consists of a complex assemblage of a hundred hectares odf vines and a palette of terriors. It has ten centuries of rich history dating back to the 12th century with its foundation by Cistercian monks. From the 15th to the end of the 19th century, the property was established by the Xopi family. These hosts enriched the domain with new activity, the breeding of silkworms. The castle was built on the initiative of Catherine Xopi just after the French revolution. 

The property changed hands to the Catalan family, then to a family of local wine merchants the Bourdouil. In 1973 Jean and Bernard Dauré acquired the estate: a natural acquisition for them coming from a family of wine tradition. They launched.a replanting and renovation to rehabilitate the castle. The two men additionally launched into wine tourism and set up a foundation of contemporary art. 

Today, Bernard's children Estelle and Simon have taken over the estate. They made the decision to engage the vineyard in an ecological shift, keeping in part with the long tradition of the estate relying on a rich historical and cultural heritage to ensure an innovative and prosperous future. 

Château de Jau lies on the first foothills of the Corbières in the Agly Valley. It extends over one hundred hectares, themselves surrounded by 500 hectares of scrubland in the middle of wild landscapes. They have the privilege of having the bank of the Agly to themselves, a big asset for organic farming. In conversion to organic farming since 2018, the vineyard has been certified organic since 2021.

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