The Château des Roques estate has been family run for generations. The current owner is the Seroul family, the father Pierre and his son and daughter, Lionel and Corine. The villages of Vacqueyras and the neighbouring Giogondas are the second and third crown jewels of the Southern Rhône after the most expensive Châteauneuf-du-Pape. 

The vineyard  is an exceptional place, with a hamlet of sixteenth century dry stone of the eighteenth chapel attached to the diocese. It is mostly surrounded by vineyards and is an idyllic setting that was born from a story of passion and passed down from generation to generation.  
The family uses only natural fertilizers, tailored treatments and manual harvesting, with the greatest respect for tradition. The Ageing cellar is a cave with a natural spring which allows ideal conditions for winemaking. The barrels have an oak finish to perfect the meticulous process. 

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