The Bibey family has been in the Médoc for many generations. Having settled in Bégadan, Jean-Mathieu Bibey, Jérôme’s grandfather, began cultivating vines as a farmer. 

In 1970, his son Yves bought his first plots of vines on the place called "Labadie", a name derived from a local legend relating to the existence of an ancient abbey on their lands. He married Adélaïde in 1973 and she promptly joined the operation. The vineyard expanded from 20 hectares in 1988 to more than 70 hectares today. 

In 1999, their son Jérôme took over the estate and implemented a strong environmental approach. He combined sustainable cultivation and practices aimed limiting the footprint of the activity of winemaking on our planet. 
The site is located on a qualitative and homogeneous terroir. It is planted on a shallow bedrock of hard limestone which gives a freshness to their best grape varieties which are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Petit Verdot. 

The wine making is the result of several vinification schemes bringing complexity to the wine. Just like in cooking they add flavour enhancers to reveal the true taste of the wine. Since 1999, they have been using a thermoregulation system, which is useful for the various pre and post-fermentation macerations. 

Finally, they use a quick barrel filling at the end of the malolactic fermentation for a 12 to 14 month ageing in French oak barrels. 

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