The Château Mauvesin estate dates back more than 500 years when the chateau was first built as a working fort. It has changed hands many times since then before being bought by the Sartorius-Barton family who added Barton to its name.

Coming from a family of wine makers and merchants, Lilian Barton-Sartorius and her husband Michel fell in love with the charm of the place in 2011 and decided this would be the domain where the family legacy would continue. Lilian and Michel’s children, now the 10th generation of Barton wine makers, have joined the operation and it is a full-blown family enterprise.
Chateau Mauvesin Bartons vines have an average age of 35 years meaning they give quality over quantity in terms of harvest. To account for this, plots are re-organised each year and care is taken to re-plant vines where necessary to ensure their longevity. Grapes are fermented plot by plot in individual steel vats and then aged in oak barrels.

The vineyard is situated in the "Moulis-en-Médoc" appellation, to the north of Bordeaux. Part of the soil is clay-gravel, perfectly adapted for the development of Cabernet-Franc and Merlot. Another part of the vineyard is made up of gravel and gritty sand, allowing the Cabernet Sauvignon to reach full ripeness. 

Environmental protection and the quality of wines produced is of great importance to the Barton family. The 46 hectares of vines comprise of 54% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon and 11% Cabernet Franc. 

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