All Château Picoron wines are produced of single plot grapes, from their 4.5ha vineyard. They are an honest expression of the terroir on the famous St Emilion clay & limestone ridge. Their wines are made following the Ouvipo philosophy (Ouvroir de Vins Potentiels). The wines are a transparent and honest expression of the region. The wines are vinified plot by plot, without blending, to produce only a few hundred cases. 
Winemaking at the estate began over 2,000 years ago and from 1570 was continued by the Picoron family. Since 2015, Glenda and Frank Kalyk and their Australian family are pursuing the Picoron legacy. They continue to celebrate the history of the winery and the future of the Bordeaux region. 
At Château Picoron they celebrate the past and future of the merlot grape, the very first grape variety planted in Bordeaux. As the climate changes the environment at the vineyard they adapt with it instead of trying to control the ecosystem. In doing this they are challenging the traditional methods of vinification, through creativity and self expression. All their wines are produced sustainably using organic practices, without animal products and with minimal intervention. 

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