Château Roc Meynard has been dedicated to wine growing around the hill of Meynard for centuries. The hill, adjacent to Fronsac bears 65 acres under vine. The estate produces mainly red wines, with only 5 acres of white varietals. 

This family-owned, independent wine estate in Bordeaux has been running for generations. In 1987, the estate was made up of two properties: Clos du Roy, and Château Roc Meynard, which covers a 30-hectare area surrounding the Meynard butte in Villegouge village. 
At Château Roc Meynard they are curious and attentive to different technical developments, while still remaining respectful of the Bordeaux secular experience. From November, when they begin pruning the vines, to August when the final vineyard work is completed before the harvest, each and every day is spent working on the vines. September is the time for harvesting, once this is done, the winemaking period begins in the cellar. At the same time, winegrowers are back in the vineyards replacing the missing vines and preparing for the fall and the start of the new cycle. 

The wines produced are naturally coloured and structured. From winemaking to ageing, there is a constant wish to favour fruit expression, volume, and balance. This all requires constant monitoring of temperatures during winemaking and an accurate management of stirring time and frequency for each tank. 

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