Conde Los Andes lies in the heart of Rioja Alta, a short distance from Haro and Briones. In a small municipality with a long and rich wine history which can be seen through the manor houses that have sat on the ground since the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. 

This is Rioja's most impressive underground cellar system in terms of age, architecture and overall scale. This is an incredibly special place made all the more unique and atmospheric by the presence of some 400,000 bottles of slowly maturing wines. 

Since 2014, the vineyard has assumed the legacy of the old Paternina house and the historical brand Conde des los Andes is one of the great names in the elaboration and culture of Rioja wines. Today, hand in hand with the Murúa family, the company resumes a tradition that goes back centuries. 
The plots were all planted at different times, the oldest ones going back more than a century. The vineyard is located on the banks of the Ebro and under the cloffs of the Toloño mountain range. 

Most of the vineyard sites, formed 22 million years are, are located on land made up of sand, sandstones and clay. These conditions are optimal to achieve lively and expressive aromas. The floors drain well and give the wines a subtle character of limestone minerality. 

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