Welcome to Convivia  
Convivia is a company for Italian food lovers. This company was born and raised in Italy. All their products are prepared using raw organic materials of Sicilian origin. Their production philosophy is based on environmental sustainability and respect for the territory, offering customers a product that’s healthy for them and the environment. Each product takes you on a journey through Sicily.  
The Story  
Convivia was born in Sicily, on the slopes of the Etna Volcano, from Pietro’s desire to make known the tradition of quality Sicilian food. The brand began from the feeling of joy that comes from sharing dishes cooked with care and love for friends. Pietro immersed himself into the roots of his Sicilian land, starting with tomatoes, aubergines, basil, wild fennel, chili peppers, and almonds. His passion for clean, high-quality food inspired him to produce only certified organic, gluten-free, and vegan products, prepared with raw materials of exclusively Sicilian origin. Most of these products are grown on his family farm.  

How It’s Made  
All the products are made when the raw materials are in season, when they’re fully ripe and full of flavour. The exclusive use of vegetables grown under the Sicilian sun characterizes CONVIVIA products, where the authenticity can be felt from the first taste. Their packaging is designed to be modern, minimalist, and captivating, focusing on transparency to make the colours of the raw materials the focus point of the jars. Quality, simplicity, and tradition are the true secret ingredient in CONVIVIA products, enclosing the authentic essence of the Sicilian land in each jar.  

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