Diego and Álvaro grew up in Vigo, Northwestern Spain's largest metropolitan and industrial area. In their early twenties they made the decision, led by Diego, to restore their family vineyard in an ancient Galician ruin alongside their cousins Fito and Anxo. They replanted the first vines in 2008 and had their first productive harvest four years later in 2012. 

The story begins in 1942 when their grandparents abandoned the land, known as Eida de Mourous, named after mythological elves who safeguarded local knowledge. The area is dense with trees and underbrush, sitting on the top of a hill (a Cume) above the river Avia. 

The beginning years were hard and were close to leading to the group's financial collapse. Their luck turned in 2017 when their wines began turning the heads of sommeliers and press. Cume do Avia gained international recognition and commercial success that has allowed Diego and his partners to expand their range. 
In his commitment to terroir and grape expressiveness, Diego follows organic and biodynamic principles. The vineyard is one hour inland from Galicia's Western coast, benefitting from the trademark Atlantic influence. 

They planted thirteen different indigenous Galician varietals selected from ancient vines in the Ribeiro, with plans to plant much more. In total Cume do Avia owners cultivate 9 hectares placed between 250 and 390 mts above the sea level. All of the vineyards are young and have been planted by the brothers. 

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