Florent joined his Aunt and Uncle, Valérie and Eric who own the domaine after about ten years of discovering wineries in France, New Zealand and South Africa. The estate is composed of 13 hectares with grape varieties of Gamay noir, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Tressallier are grown. The vineyards lies high up in the Loire Valley.
Florent works in sustainable agriculture involving lots of work and constant visits to the field in order to express the terroir well. 
The fruit of his work is expressed in the freshness where the wines are balanced, and where bitterness, acidity, sugar and alcohol go hand in hand. The fermentations are made with indigenous yeasts, without adding sugar, and with the lowest possible portion of sulphites. The wines are aged in concrete vats for the entry-level and in oak barrels for two large cuvées. 

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