Since 1905, Domaine Preignes le Vieux has been run by the Vic family, a testimony to the ancient history of wine in the Languedoc. The estate stands on Roman remains that highlight over 2000 years of intensive wine making. The vineyard covers over 340 hectares of land surrounded by one of the oldest chateaux in the Bitterois. 

In 1906, François Bergon, the great great grandfather of Vic invested in the construction of a new cellar which still remains the location of winemaking/vinification at the estate. 

Now, alongside their team of 40 people, wine expert Aurélie Vic and winemaker, Jérôme Vic are proud to keep this wonderful vineyard going. The vineyard is based on eco-friendly sustainable agriculture to produce their delicious, crisp wines ideal for get togethers. 
Their work is the foundation on which their history has been built, guiding and giving rhythm to life on the estate. They follow the seasons using precise techniques to help the vines flourish, while still preserving the natural equilibrium that sustains them. Three different terroirs span across their site: Volcanic, gravely, and plaine soils, together these produce twenty different grape varieties. The aim is to produce flourishing vines with ripe, healthy and well-balanced grapes in time for the harvest. 

From here, they use traditional winemaking methods in order to produce authentic wines that fully respect the fruits qualities and character. Their technique involves planning the harvest according to the ripeness of the grapes required for each wine. The key focus at Domaine Preignes is to produce the finest quality wines, which is why they are constantly innovating, using new processes and state-of-the-art equipment to meet their needs and those of their customers.
The ballon range of wines is grown in the vineyards of domaine Preignes but every year Benoit Chazallon comes down from Ardeche to vinifie the Ballon range. Benoit runs a biodynamic estate called Chateau de la Selve in Ardeche and is very attached to biodynamic winemaking.

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