Founded in 1963 as a small charcuterie in Badajoz, Spain, Francisco Acedo Galan began to learn the trade of rearing Black Iberian Pigs and the production of authentic Spanish meats. 

In 1970 the restless and observant character of Francisco Acedo Galan led him to take the products from his parents’ charcuterie to the farmhouses of Extremadura, beginning the commercialisation of sausages, hams and Farcedo pallets locally.

In 1981, Farcedo was formed as a company. The conjugation of the name of its founder Francisco Acedo gives rise to the name of the brand and they added an ‘R’ to give strength to the name, transmitting the whirlwind of energy and motivation that moves us since then. They could say that the name was the result of an exhaustive work of an advertising company, but it was not like that, it was the idea of ​​the inseparable travel mate of Francisco, his mother Carmen. Soon after this in 1985 Farcedo began to market its products regionally before finally opening to the national markets in 1997.

By 2006 The company was exporting all around the World. From Europe all the way to China and Hong Kong.

Nowadays, their facilities are located in Hornachos (Extremadura), in the southwest of Spain, in a region internationally recognised for its commitment to caring for the environment, for its water reserves and natural diversity that make it a unique region in the world for Iberian pig breeding.

They combine the manufacture of an artisan product with the investment in cutting-edge technology in food safety. Their products undergo an exhaustive veterinary control, PH control, acidity and traceability that give rise to healthy, 100% natural meat with unrivalled flavour and provenance.

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