Jonny is the third generation of the Crickmore family to run the land at Fen Farm. He has been working on the farm since he was four, when he would sneak out of bed at 3am and follow his Dad to the cowshed to assist with morning jobs. Now he continues to do these early mornings running the farm with enthusiasm. 

Dulcie left behind her day job, and began taking part in the marketing and business development at Fen Farm Dairy. Together, they have diversified the original farm with the addition of a pioneering cheese and butter making business. The focus is on making exceptional artisan products. 

Graham is the second generation of the Crickmore family and has been working on the farm since the age of 8 when it was owned by his uncle Richard Cook. In recent years, Jonny and Graham have together taken the farm operations from strength to strength. Frances is a wildlife photographer, documenting the intricate ecosystems and ever-changing seasons of the Waveney River Valley. 

This team is what makes Fen Farm and is dedicated to the job whatever the weather. They believe in the importance of connecting people to the food they eat and the farm from which it came. There is a responsibility to be excellent stewards of the farm and land and the delicate ecosystem that lives there. 

Most cheese and dairy products are made away from the farm, making it surprisingly rare to find a business today that controls the whole process from start to finish. This is what makes Fen Farm unique and they have three secrets to their success: control, proximity, and gentleness. 

They grow their own forage and grazing right on their surrounding landscape. They care for every cow in the herd as an individual and care for the milk from the moment it leaves the cow. 

The milk is always fresh, within minutes of the morning milking it is already in their making rooms just a few metres away. Within hours it is being made into cheese and butter. The milk doesn't spend time being transported, meaning the produce retains all its incredible characteristics of fresh milk. 

Finally, their unique set up allows for the milk to be gently gravity fed from the milking parlour into the making rooms next door. They produce everything by hand, avoiding the use of big industrial dairy equipment. This is truly an artisan company that really cares.  

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