Located in Holcombe Rogus on the Devon/ Somerset border, Fenton Farm is spread over 115 acres and is run by the 3rd generation of the Gabriel family.

Based in a steep sided valley, cattle lightly graze their permanent pastures, encouraging the growth of wild flowers. Fields of cereal and grain is grown to be fed to their egg laying hens. The farm takes real pride in the natural beauty and sustainability of their landscape.

Fenton Farm Eggs are laid by hens in traditional free range flocks where they have access throughout the day to green pasture where they roam freely and are fed specially formulated feed to enhance yolk colour. 
Fenton Farm Eggs are laid by different breeds of hens including Fenton Blues which are bred from Cream Legbars and Araucanas and lay beautiful green/blue eggs. White Leghorns, a more flighty bird that originates from the Leghorn region of Italy lays pure white eggs. Finally Rhode Island Red Cross hens which lay traditional brown eggs.

Our Production

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