Francesco Annesanti says that his soul is in his wine. His cantina is in a rural part of Umbria where there are no other vines for miles in any direction. He doesn't farm an official appellation, but simply makes "Umbrian" wine. His passion and dedication add to the essence and the overall quality of the wines. He does everything himself, from farming to personally dipping each bottle in wax and hand labelling. There are very few growers across the EU working at this meticulous level of ownership with each aspect of their operation. 
The wines are truly like no other, with impeccable balance, and beautiful transparency. Few wines are as joyous a these; they are full of character, without being the least bit rustic. These wines are the epitome of wine made as living art as opposed to a homogenized product. Quantities are small because Francesco's wines are very in demand, with some of the cuvees seeing only 600 bottles made per year. 
Francesco's land is rich with life, largely flat, and has a high percentage of clay. The special nature of the land can be tasted through the wines. 

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