All the vegetables used at Fratelli Burgio are grown by local farmers and sourced close to their production base. Every product that they use at Fratelli Burgio is sorted through by hand to make sure they're up to standards and carefully inspected before getting the green light.
A careful and attentive process that cannot be imitated by modern-day machinery. Then they are cooked by the skilled hands of local women, who have worked together for years, all according to traditional recipes, reproduced with the same love and passion that they have when they cook for their families at home.

In the ancient market in the historic centre of Ortigia, one of the oldest and most fascinating neighbourhoods in Syracuse, is the place where their four decades of culinary history began.

It's the salumeria established by their father. A place that has never been just an ordinary delicatessen.
It’s a place where you can taste prestigious not only salami and cheese, but also lots of traditional Mediterranean specialities, passionately recovered from the past to bring you a genuine, premium quality product.
They have one sole and wonderful objective: satisfy our customers and take them on a journey into the best taste sensation ever!

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